Building retail trust

  • Building retail trust
Building retail trust

Building retail trust

Scheme features

Blockchain uses distributed storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other technologies to shield the underlying complex connection establishment mechanism. Through the peer-to-peer direct connection at the upper level, it strengthens the privacy protection of user data, builds consensus trust with low cost, and stimulates new formats and new power of the industry with new mode.

The specific performance is as follows:

Decentralization: the intermediary trust system itself guarantees its authenticity, does not need the intervention of external trust endorser, and has high security.

Open: the system is open, in addition to the private information of all parties to the transaction is encrypted, the data of the blockchain is open to all, and the information is transparent.

Autonomy: any man-made intervention does not work, reducing the adverse intervention from outside.

Information can't be tampered: by recording the behavior of the wallet, we can get a comprehensive information packet that can't be tampered with, which determines the transparency and non tamperability of the transaction.

Anonymity: it is not necessary for the counterparties to create trust by disclosing their identities, which is very helpful for credit accumulation. Enterprises establish their own visual credit score system by extracting data packets to manage the internal and users of enterprises.

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